For Mr.KANNY®, the quality is a property and the main criterion with which it is evaluated by thousands of customers every day. To constantly maintain the quality standard, Mr.KANNY® invests in the selection of raw material and improvement of production process, in compliance with the standards under the voluntary certifications for Quality:

UNI-EN-ISO 9001:2008

BRC(Global Standard for Food Safety)

IFS (International Food Safety)

Mr.KANNY® adopts a detailed process for traceability of raw materials and packagings materials to guarantee for each batch and finished product, the possibility to:

-identify the production place of finished product

- retrieve processing and quality data

-identify the supplier and the batch of delivery for all raw materials and packaging materials used during the production process

- track the units of the same batch of finished product in the distribution chain.

In addition to the standards set by law and by the quality certification, Mr.KANNY® set its parameters together with its Mission and Corporate Vision: the products don’t contain synthetic vitamins or artificial coloring.

Do you want a concrete example of what is the quality for Mr.KANNY® ?

The Corn Flakes Mr.KANNY®, as you can read on the package, does not contain genetically modified products: the effect of these products for long terms are unknown and, in uncertainty, Mr.KANNY® decided to not use them.